Please can you, and all your friends, family and colleagues, VOTE now
for us on the Marks and Spencer EnergyFund.
Votes are essential to win up to £12,000
which will allow us to add Batteries and Car Charging points at your Club.
Just click here, have fun viewing our video and presentation, and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE
While voting you can also pledge on Crowdfunder, and get exciting Korev goods

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St Agnes Sports Club

supporting your community, charities and working together for
football, rugby, netball, gig rowing, boxing/fitness
over 600 members from 5 to 75 years

We keep losing the power.
You can help us keep it within your club.
And save money which can be used to fund more youth facilities.
And make a huge leap forward in going Green.


With everyone’s help we have an impressive 25kW solar array on our roof.
We already use some of the power generated to power night store heaters.


We need to store the rest in BATTERIES to power us through the darker hours;
and charge your electric car whilst you watch and play.


What is the point of getting us all fit, if the world around us dies ?

Thanks to our sponsor, St Austell Brewery, please Pledge on Crowdfunder at the M&S voting site:

£10 - A huge thank you for supporting us
£25 - A smart pair of Korev Sunglasses; or a warm Korev Beanie Hat; or a Korev Official Baseball Cap;
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In collaboration with the Marks & Spencer Energyfund
please vote now for St Agnes Sports Clubs Batteries and a Greener future at: